9th August 1333. Kingdom of the Isles.

Edward III recognised Mann, (known to the Romans as Insula Manavia) as independent Today on 9th August 1333 under William Montacute 1st earl of Salisbury who was first King of Mann.

Flag of Isle of Man.

Mann was originally part of the Gaelic culture brought to the fore when in 627 Edwin of Northumbria conquered Mann along with most of Mercia. In the 9th century the Norsemen established the Kingdom of the Isles which included Mann under Magnus III King of Norway 1099-1103.

By 1266 it was part of Scotland under the Treaty of Perth and control alternated between Scotland and England before becoming a feudal lordship of the latter Crown in 1399.

In 1393 Richard le Scrope bought his 2nd son William the Island from the earl of Salisbury, who as William le Scrope, 1st earl of Wiltshire claimed descent from Godred Crovan of the Norse House.(1)

Bolton Castle built by Richard, 1st Baron Scrope in Wensleydale N.Yorks.), One of the best preserved medieval csstles.

However William was executed for treason in 1399 for his support of Richard II against Henry Bolyngbroke, when he became king as Henry IV, and his possessions passed to the Crown.

Henry IV on 19th October 1399 now granted Kingship to Henry Percy 1st earl of Northumberland, but following his treasonable rebellion Henry VI later granted suzerainty in 1405 to John Stanley I, followed by John Stanley II and then Thomas Stanley KG 1st baron Stanley (c1405-1459).

The third Sir John Stanley was the ancestor of the barons Stanley of Alderley. The senior Derby line became extinct in 1736 and passed to the Duke of Atholl, coming under the Crown in 1765. Today it is a self-governing Crown Colony.

Nowadays the Viking presence is found in the genes of those having the surnames Christians, Quayles, Crellins, Kewleys, Caines, Kermodes, Clucases, Kellys, and Cregeens all beginning with C, K or Q, with their DNA all showing a native affinity with their Viking ancestors.(2)

In the 20thc the Island was ‘colonised’ by the Germans but as enemy aliens in WWII when they were rounded up from the mainland and deported as seemingly posing a threat to national security.

Nowadays the Island is chiefly known for its 3-legged emblem, TT motor-bike racing and its status as a gambling and tax haven, not forgetting the Manx, tailless cat.

(1) Richard le Scrope (later Baron) was Chancellor of England to Richard II in 1378.

His son William vice-Chamberlain to Richard II in 1393 acquired the castle and manor of Marlborough, Wilts.

(2) The Poet Auden claimed descent from the Vikings with his mother being obsessed with the notion and the poet himself was to spend much time in Iceland studying the Norse sagas.




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