17th February 1923.


Carreras cigarette factory (1926-8) at Camden, features a solar disk of sun god Ra and two effigies of black cats.

In 1939 a British army bandsman, at a public gathering, which included King Farouk, managed to play a trumpet from the Tomb of Tutankhamen, the first time in 3,000 years.

Inspiration for Egyptian architecture in Britain originally came from British involvement in Egypt against Napoleon at the turn of the 19th century.

Then in the next century interest was further inspired as Today in 1923 saw the opening of the inner tomb of the Pharaoh Tutankhamen at Luxor by Howard Carter and Lord Caernarvon.


Chapel St, Penzance, Cornwall, once a museum and geological repository.


Blickling Hall, Norfolk, Mausoleum in the shape of a pyramid.(1)







It was in November the previous year that Carter, an amateur archaeologist and Lord Caernarvon the supplier of funds, first saw inside the 18th Dynasty tomb of Tutankhamen in the Valley of the Kings undisturbed for 3,000 years. (2)


Holbeck, Leeds, flax mill based on the temple at Edfu of Horus. The chimney is in the shape of an obelisk.

However it wasn’t long before the discovery caused a rift in relationship as Caernarvon thought he should gain financially whilst Carter spent the ten years or so meticulously recording all the finds.

The task was made no lighter in that everything had been sealed by a preserving material, which made the separation of the golden death mask and the floor of the coffin extremely difficult.


Harrods Egyptian-style clothing hall.



Carlton Cinema, (until 1972), by George Coles (1930) which features a ‘Pylon’ temple.



Boston, Lincs. Masonic Hall, 1860-3, based on design of David Roberts drawing of Temple of Dandour, Nubia.

As a postscript, the discovery and disturbance of the tomb was supposedly to have raised the Curse of the Pharaoh legend, said to have caused the death, at Highclere, of the Earl two months later of blood poisoning. Then his Lordship’s dog howled and dropped dead about the same time as his master.

Mysteriously the Cairo lights went out at the same time and other mysterious deaths occurred of people, or their relations, associated with the discovery. Soon writers such as Conan Doyle and Marie Correlli were taking up the cause of ‘The Curse’.

(1) The great pyramids at Giza are said to be aligned similar to the Belt of the Constellation Orion

(2) On January 3rd 1924 Carter discovered the sarcophagus.


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