4th November 1859. Take A Break, Take…

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Old money and weight.1950.s

14th August 1954

14th August 1954 Ad.







Today in 1859 saw the death in York of the chocolate patriarch, Joseph Rowntree. (1)

Early ad

Early advert for Aero introduced in 1935.










Joseph born in Scarborough, at the age of 21 went to York to became a grocer at 28 Pavement.

In 1869 his son also Joseph handed the business over to his elder brother, taking his capital to join his younger brother Henry Isaac who had acquired the cocoa,chocolate and chicory business from the Tukes in 1862.

The company moved to Tanner’s Moat in 1864 and when Henry died his brother Joseph became sole owner in the newly founded cocoa and chocolate business where they were to launch their Elect Cocoa in 1887.(2)

Black Magic introduced 1933. Advert December 1953.

Black Magic introduced 1933.
Advert December 1953.

In 1937 kit-kat logo was first added.

In 1937 the Kit-Kat logo was first added.

Age of TV

Age of TV





Cocoa and gum pastilles were to be responsible for the rapid growth of the Company between 1883 and 1894.

In 1969 Rowntree merged with Mackintosh, later to become part of Nestles.

Kit-Kat-‘Take a Break, Take a Kit-Kat’: Polo-‘The Mint with a Hole’: ‘Don’t Forget the Fruit-Gums Mum’, TV adverts and endearing powerful images which we all fondly remember.

(1) Joseph was born 10.6.1801.

(2) On 3.3.1897 Rowntree and Co were registered to take over the business of Henry.


Nourishment originally called Chocolate Crisp.


Smarties introduced in 1937.


Polos came in 1948.

Polos came in 1948.


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