18th June 2011. Caesar or Mammon?

In 2015 it was revealed that 11 CofE bishops were still relying on chauffeurs.

Under the heading that ‘not even Jesus had so many disciples’, Quentin Letts in The Daily Mail Today 18th June, quoted a passage from ‘Partial Vision’ by the Rev. Peter Mullen of St Michael’s, Cornhill, where he enumerated all the secular posts in the London Diocese, in total about forty.










Titles included Director of Finance and Operations, Head of Finance, Head of Management Accountant, Financial Accountant, Assistant Financial Accountant, Trust Accountant, Assistant Trust Accountant, Financial Supplies Officer, Payroll Officer plus three advisers.

We haven’t finished: then Officer Services Co-coordinator, Gutter Maintenance Programme Adviser, Head of Strategy, Director of Personal Development, Director of Ordinands and Ministry Portfolio etc, etc, this at a time when ageing congregations are dwindling, but being asked for more cash, this at a time when the Archbishop of  Canterbury attacked the then Coalition Government for its deficit reduction plan. God help us!

It is not surprising that the CofE requires so much ‘top hamper’ bearing in mind that its income at over £1billion is more that McDonalds, half coming from the super-annuated congregations.

Pearl of Wisdom: ‘Politicians should halt and reverse the accumulation of power and wealth in fewer hands, of state, corporations and individuals’, the CofE is absolved! Pastoral Letter before May 2015 election.

Then the Church Ethical Investment Group: ‘funds should not be invested in indiscriminate weaponry’, discriminate obviously OK.

Also disallowed: ‘where more than 3% derives from production and distribution of pornography’, too ludicrous to comment on, and finally to paraphrase, ‘high interest lending is tabu’, until they discovered they were indirectly involved in the specialists: Wonga.

Think of all the humourless, earnest and sweated brows hoping to produce an elephant to come up with these mice.

Despite congregations shrinking by 7.6% in the decade to 2013, income rose 30%, but obviously not sufficient to pay those employees not enjoying the ‘living wage’.

Carol Fletcher, part of the ‘top hamper’ mentioned above, as Senior Finance Planner: ‘through investment and parish income-[our little old ladies]- we are able to continue our mission and presence….’

There was a popular song in the 1940’s: ‘Money is the root of all Evil’. Who was it that said ‘Get behind me Satan?


In the 1990.s the Church Commissioners after losing £800 million in the previous decade, in rash investments, saw fit to place clergy pensions on dwindling congregations.

In 2009 it was announced that the Church Commissioners had lost £300 million in the financial collapse as its assets were said to be wholly in equities at a time when congregations were asked to make up pensions shortfall; £40 million was lost on US property alone.

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