21st February 1949.

Sweet rationing came into force on 26th July 1942.

Labour’s Food Minister, Mr Strachey on Monday February 21st 1949, announced de-rationing of sweets with effect from April 24th.

Aberdeen Journal

Aberdeen Journal Friday,22.4.1949.

However demand outstripped supply, forcing a volte face by the government as rationing was re-introduced four months later.

We read in Hansard that Noel-Baker MP asking the Food Minister, now Edith Summerskill, as to the date when it would be re-introduced.(1)

In the meantime children were having to satisfy their ‘sweet tooth’ to supplement their 4oz a week meagre ration with, Spanish Sticks, Liquorice Root and ‘Kayli’ Sherbet Dabs. (2)

Then there was rhubarb and sugar, liquorice boot-laces, locust beans (shrivelled, brown, sweet beans), to relieve a kids’ diet mainly consisting of sago and semolina puddings, bread and jam, meat dripping, lard, bacon fat and every part of an animal-offal-you wouldn’t want to hear of.

I’m just about to demolish some pigs’ trotters. Good Eating!

Gaderene Rush 1953.

Gaderene Rush 1953. On 4th February sweets came off ration.


(1) HC Debate 13 July, 1949 v 467, c427.

(2) sweet de-rationing had been cunningly announced 48 hours before the Hammersmith by-election. Punch Impressions of Parliament 23.3.1949.

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