5th May 2000. Massing of the Planets.

‘Have you heard it’s in the stars next July we collide with Mars?/Well did you ever, what a grand party this is!'(1)

Today in the year 2000, the Moon was lined up between the Earth and the Sun, and the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Earth, were lined up within a 5-degree arc of one another, and within a 26-degree sector of the sky.

Massing of the Planets.

Massing of the Planets.

The only problem was that being on the far side of the sun, they couldn’t be seen from earth.

The previous  conjunction of the classical planets, (known to antiquity), of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn appearing on one side of the sun, was on February 4th 1962, and then visible to the naked eye. It was also accompanied by an eclipse of the sun over Indonesia (2)

The alignment in 2000, not unusually, brought forth many occult reports, especially those relating to the astrological pattern known as the ‘Grand Cross’ configuration.

This was said to have been previously observed on the 18th August 1999, when a cross-shape was observed, after the eclipse of the sun, on the 11th of the month. This was ascribed, by those looking for ‘Signs of the End Time’, to symbolize the Antichrist of the Book of Revelation.

Remember it was only 400 years ago that Galileo observed four moons around Jupiter which caused him to reason that all planets and satellites, circled the sun, for which he was persecuted by the Church.

Thus ‘Doomsayers’ relate accounts how these portend doom and disaster for ‘sinful man’, many of which are culled from the Bible, culminating in the apocalyptic Book of Revelation.

None are more used in this context than astronomical events, dates of the millennia and indeed earthquakes and other natural phenomena.(3)

(1) 1940 song revived for 1956 High Society, Cole Porter

(2) They will be not closer until March 7th 2152, but too close to the sun to be seen. Not until 1.8.2277 will it be visible. Carpe Diem!

(3) The Bible is full of dire warnings or ‘signs’, which are said to be a vindication of the Gospels.

(3a) Genesis v 14: provides accounts of celestial bodies to be signs (symbols/wonders).

(3b) Daniel 2:21: God can thwart all prophetic schemes of pagan astrology by changing and regulating cycles that we depend on.

(3c) Matthew 2:9: The star [of Bethlehem], pointed to  the place where the Messiah had been born.

(3d) Luke 21:11: notes that visible signs are destined to be given to earth in near future.

Ref: askelm.com/prophecy.

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Ref: nssdc.gfsc.nasa.gov/planetary/alignments.



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