20th June 1972 – The Froth of Beer, or What Happened to Double Diamond?


Early pub plaque.


Carlsberg labels.


Double Diamond with famous Red Hand.


Why did a Danish Brewery     Carlsberg  become such a brand leader and what  happened  to Ind Coope’s  Double Diamond? Breweries and  brands  which seemed part  of the  natural order of things in the Author’s home  town, just quietly disappeared. 

Commercial and National Empires, as  do organic bodies, seem to reach an apogee before entering into steady  decline. Allied Domecq the new name for Allied Breweries, disappeared when sold to     Pernod-Ricard SA in 2005.(1)

The composite Allied Breweries merged with Carlsberg to become in 1992 Carlsberg Tetley, then Carlsberg UK. The sole remaining brewery of Allied Breweries of Carlsberg-Tetley, the old Burton-on-Trent, Ind Coope brewery was sold to Bass in 1997 and is now owned  by the American, Molson Coors. The Leeds Tetley brewery closed in 2011.

Brewers Taylor Walker founded in Stepney in 1730, was acquired by Allied Breweries in 1961 along with Benskins and Friary Meux. In 1968 Allied acquired Showerings of Shepton Mallet along with William Gaymer, Whiteways, Britvic and John Harvey of Bristol. Great was their advance  so that it was TODAY June 20th 1972 that Allied Breweries replaced Watney Mann in the FTSE 100 Index.

Allied Breweries were created out of Ansells, Tetley-Walker and Ind Coope in 1961 as well as Taylor-Walker. Ansells however after an industrial dispute closed their Birmingham brewery and transferred production to Burton-on-Trent’s Ind Coope site in 1981.


SAM_1839 (2)

Francis Showering, a brewer of Shepton Mallet, invented Babycham, a sparkling perry to be the drink of the 1950s and 1960s, for the aspiring lady. The Brand is now owned by Accolade Wines.


Ind Coope’s, Double Diamond ‘Worked Wonders’ when heavily advertised in the 1960s








Ansells were founded by Joseph Ansell in 1858 at Aston Cross, Birmingham on  a site of an artesian-well water, which was  ideal for pale ale. The HP sauce  factory was adjacent. They acquired  Rushtons in 1923 and Lucas of Leamington in 1928. Holts acquired in  1934, supplied the red squirrel  motif which later advertised Ansells products.

However in the complex brewing  arrangements of today the Ansell  name is  still preserved, as their mild  ale and best bitter is produced by Allied successor Carlsberg (2) and brewed by J.W. Lees of Manchester. A similar arrangement was in 2002 saw the American Coors acquire the English and Welsh Bass Beer interest, which it has continued to brew in Burton, under the name of Coors-Molson. (3)

In 1978 Allied Breweries bought the mighty food and catering group of  J.Lyons & Co.Ltd which became Allied-Lyons, which was to see the eventual  demise of a conglomerate empire, which had lasted about 100 hundred years. Profitable bits were sold off. Lyons Maid went to Nestle, Lyons Cakes to Rank MacDougal Hovis. A subsidiary making Mr Kipling Cakes and Ready Brek went to Weetabix: sic transit gloria mundi!

(1) On the 27th July 2005.

(2) Carlsberg have a modern brewery in Northampton.

(3) Where the mighty Bass-Worthington Breweries once stood taking up much of Burton-on-Trent, the famous Red Triangle has been superseded by a Logo so memorable the Author is unaware what it is.

Ref: wikipedia/allied breweries

Ref: midlandspub.co.uk/breweries/Birmingham/holt-brewery-co

Next Post looks at the mystery of Stonehenge.








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